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Coronavirus/ Covid- 19 Update

In this global pandemic and period of uncertainty and worry, Ice Cleaning service is on hand to offer a thorough disinfection and decontamination service. We are working closely with local authorities, places of work, schools and offices to ensure a safe and sanitized environment. Click here to learn more about our services.

UK’s Leading Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on our commercial kitchen cleaning services.

Here at ICE cleaning, we have had the privilege to work with some of the UK’s most well-known restaurants. With every commercial kitchen service we complete, we gain valuable skills and experience that allows our teams to offer the best commercial kitchen cleaning service continuously. Attention to detail, hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely imperative when it comes to the cleaning a commercial kitchen.

Our teams here at ICE recognise the importance of maintaining a thoroughly hygienic and deeply cleaned kitchen at all times. When it comes to completing a commercial kitchen cleaning procedure, we don’t just scratch the surface; we will thoroughly clean, sanitise and disinfect all hard to reach areas that you possibly don’t have time to clean throughout the day. 

There are a variety of government regulations that all commercial kitchens must adhere to regarding hygiene and cleanliness within the area that food is produced. If you work at or own a commercial space that services any form of food and drink your commercial kitchen areas must adhere to all of the current legislation, or you risk being shut down and the possibility of your food licence being revoked. It is entirely your responsibility to complete the cleaning yourself, hire in-house cleaners or contact a commercial kitchen cleaning company for a periodic clean or a one of clean. This is where our technicians here at ICE are at your disposal. 

All of our specialists’ technicians will eradicate all surfaces of any harmful toxins and general dirt and grime that pose a threat to contaminating the food being served. We provide a full deep cleaning service for your commercial kitchen, thoroughly sanitising and disinfecting all those hard to reach areas that maybe have been forgotten about or simply ignored. We can guarantee a spotless, bacteria-free commercial kitchen at the end of our cleaning procedure. We ensure to invest in the leading industry equipment along with specially formulated chemicals and methods that will eradicate even the most stubborn of stains, leaving your kitchen looking gleaming. 

If you are looking for a reliable, professional commercial kitchen cleaning company, give ICE a call on 03335775805.

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Benefits Of Using ICE Cleaning

There are a variety of benefits if you decide to choose us to clean your commercial kitchen periodically. However, if you are still in two minds, feel free to read the list below or read through the reviews from our clients, we are more than happy to send over as many accreditations as you need, to make sure you feel completely at ease knowing you have chosen the right company for your clean:

Cost Efficient

Not only do we deliver the utmost highest of cleaning standards when it comes to our services, but we also guarantee to provide cost-effective bespoke pricing.


We try our absolute hardest always to use technologies, solutions and methods that are not going to harm the environment. 


All of our service, including our commercial kitchen cleaning services, is nationwide. We have an array of teams scattered all over the UK, which allows us to always be onsite within 60 minutes of your call.

100% Satisfaction

Our customers are the heart of our business. Our teams have the determination, experience and skill set to always produce outstanding results with all of our client’s needs and requirements. No matter how many challenges we face during our service, we will still overcome them with significant results.

Along with the stated benefits above for using us as your periodic or one-off commercial kitchen clean. One of the main elements that all of our client’s love is that we offer the ability to clean your commercial kitchen at a time that suits you. We have technicians available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, we can keep disruption to your business to an absolute minimum. We understand that all of our clients are busy with various tasks of their own, which is why we will complete the service within an efficient time whilst keeping our standards to the highest. At the end of each clean, we will issue you with a Certification of completion for your compliance records.

Commercial kitchen fully sanitised and disinfected after a cleaning service Call Us Today 03335775805 Nationwide 24/7
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Procedures

It has now become the norm to visually show your hygiene rating on the window of your restaurant. If customers are to see that you have been rated low by the health and hygiene department, your company is not going to be able to attract as many customers as it could no matter how excellent your food is. 


Our cleaning procedure is always a bespoke service; we understand that each one of our clients will have unique needs and requirements when it comes to their specific commercial kitchen. Therefore, our project manager will always sit down with you to completely understand what you need, what dates and times best suit you to complete the service and the type of times limit we are being given.

Below we have listed what is included, but not limited within our commercial kitchen service:

Our Commercial Kitchen Service Includes

  • Extraction cleaning including filters, extractor fans, ducting and canopies
  • Lights
  • Degreasing of all walls, ceilings and floors
  • Deep fryer, cooker, refrigerator, microwave, grills and any other specified equipment you may have
  • All metal surfaces will be scoured
  • All kitchen fittings, shelves and racks
  • Odour removal
  • Steaming carpets (if applicable)
Emergency Situations

Our standard service offers either a one-off deep clean or a periodic deep cleaning service; however, we are always available and ready in case there is an emergency where a commercial kitchen cleaning service needs to take place. If you are ever to experience an outbreak of any harmful viruses such as E. coli, salmonella, COVID-19, or any other form of foodborne disease, we are here to respond immediately. We will be onsite within 60 minutes of your call, wearing the appropriate PPE with a plan of action set out to section off and decontaminate the area.

We have state of the art equipment that has solutions proven to eradicate all forms of harmful toxins and viruses from any surface. We can get your commercial kitchen and any relevant rooms around disinfected and decontaminated so you can reopen your business again in rapid time.



Whether you are looking for a one-off clean, a deep clean or an emergency clean, ICE is here for you. Ready to hastily drive down to your location at the start of our service. Give us a call on 03335775805 to speak to one of our highly trained support teams.

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