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In this global pandemic and period of uncertainty and worry, Ice Cleaning service is on hand to offer a thorough disinfection and decontamination service. We are working closely with local authorities, places of work, schools and offices to ensure a safe and sanitized environment. Click here to learn more about our services.

Discreet, Professional, Crime Scene Cleaning

Available 24/7, on-site within 60 minutes.

Industry accredited experts ICE Cleaning are one of the leading companies within the field of crime scene cleaning among the UK

The fundamental goal of a crime scene clean-up service is to decontaminate the scene, eliminate all contaminated materials, and reinstate the property back to a safe state, no matter the situation. Crime scene cleaning can be a delicate and sensitive situation to deal with, only a fully trained specialist should undertake this type of work. Our dedicated UK crime scene cleaners are here to help.

The scene of a crime imposes a variety of hazards and risks including; bodily fluids, syringes, sharp objects, hazardous materials, exposure to illegal and sensitive information that shouldn’t involve public interference.

Taking all of these factors into account can pose a monumental amount of health risks to the public if not cleaned up, this is where our ICE Cleaning crime scene specialists out shine; cleaning the scene to the highest of standards.

Located in London? Visit our Crime Scene Cleaning London page.

ICE is on hand 24/7 to clean up after all emergencies including trauma, suicide and accidents. We are committed to providing a quick, safe and expert crime scene cleaning service.

Using specialist decontamination technologies and cleaning techniques. All of our technicians are highly trained to safely remove and dispose of all biohazards and disinfect the area to minimise the risk of infection.

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Crime Scene Cleaning From The UK's Industry Leaders

Many people mistake “crime scene cleaning” for a standard cleaning service, which leads many to believe they do not need a professional service.

Making these assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth; a standard cleaning service will only use basic products such as multipurpose cleaning agents along with simple techniques. Ensuring the affected areas are thoroughly disinfected and sanitised cannot be achieved via standard household products.

Simply conducting a surface clean isn’t a difficult process however, the dangers go far beyond what the human eye can see. Just because you can’t see the toxins, doesn’t mean that they are not there.

Without a professional crime scene clean up service these pathogens can live and evolve onto any surface they come into contact with.

It only takes for you to have a small cut on your hand and touch the affected area for you to then become infected. Apart from HIV, the other two most harmful viruses that can be transmitted through bloodborne pathogens are:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

Please do not risk your loved ones and your health by attempting to DIY a crime scene clean up. Contact ICE Cleaning’s experienced crime scene technicians to ensure that there is a full removal and blood clean up from any type of accident or crime that has been committed.

Our Crime Scene Clean Up Process

We are extremely mindful of the emotional trauma that comes hand in hand with a variety of crime scene cleanings, therefore we will arrive in discreetly marked vehicles, to protect your confidentiality and privacy.

At ICE cleaning, we offer a 24/7 service and can be on site within 60 minutes of receiving your call.

Our science-established service safeguards that we contain the afflicted areas to avoid any sort of cross contamination, revive all traces of blood and biological materials, disinfect and test to confirm that all concerned areas are free of pathogens. We are diligent and thorough because we understand that health and safety is paramount.

Our crime scene cleaning service involves a thorough decontamination so there is no feasible chance of any cross contamination. Taking advantage of the leading industry technology and equipment we possess; ICE cleaning technicians will eliminate all risks completely.

Our technicians go beyond simply cleaning the area. We believe, as a company that all of our customers deserve the highest quality of service and should only be treated with dignity and respect, especially in high emotional situations such as a crime scene clean up. We are experts in creating a safe environment and once we have finished with our decontamination service and clean we will issue you with a decontamination certificate for your records

What Training Do Our Technicians Have?

All of our technicians undergo an extensive National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners (NACSC) accredited training programme. Thus, giving them the knowledge along with experience to provide a conscious and considerate service that these types of emergencies need. Ensuring that the entire area is decontaminated, disinfected and cleaned to the highest of standards.

Our crime scene UK professionals work very closely with the medical examiners, local police and other agencies to make sure the people involved receive the appropriate support they need.

We specialise in maintaining a swift, discreet and efficient crime scene cleaning service within the UK with the following emergencies:

  • Crime scene cleaning
  • Suicide
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Trauma
  • Unattended deaths
  • Exposure to illegal substances

Areas We Cover

ICE has a well-known and strong presence across the UK, serving in cities such as;

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Nottingham
  • Newcastle
  • Cardiff
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Sheffield

So, if you require our specialist crime scene cleaning services within the above cities or surrounding areas, give us a call on 02039 939 613 and speak to one of our experienced technicians.

Personal Protective Equipment

The safety of our employees is extremely important. Our technicians wear PPE (Personal protective equipment) as well as respirators while on site. Protecting themselves and decreasing the possibility of cross contamination.

Industry Leading Technologies

Soap and water are simply not enough to eradicate the harmful pathogens that linger on the surface where blood and bodily fluids have been spilt. All of our technicians use industry leading cleaning products that adequately cleans and decontaminated the crime scene, leaving it in a safe and secure condition.


How will I know the area is completely decontaminated?

Our products have a 99.9% success rate, so it is most likely that all areas will be completely decontaminated. We also provide a certificate of guarantee upon completion.

What do I do if I cannot get access to the property?

If you do not possess access the property, you must contact the landlord/owner of the site to gain their permission before any work can be completed.

Is your team trained to deal with this area of work?

All of our technicians undergo an extensive National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners (NACSC) accredited training programme, as well as a range of additional professional qualifications including: BICSc, IOSH, Safe Contractor, CSCS, IPAF, PASMA and Dewpoint Professional.

How quickly can you reach the scene?

As a nationwide company, we have service teams located in a variety of locations across the country. In most cases, we can reach you in under 60 minutes.

Are you fully insured to complete this type of work?

We are fully insured to complete a full range of trauma services.


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