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Fire Damage Cleaning

Available 24/7, on-site within 60 minutes.

Industry accredited experts ICE Cleaning are one of the leading companies within the field of fire damage cleaning among the UK

The result following a fire can leave you feeling devastated and emotionally drained, with long-lasting impacts on homes and businesses. In addition to both physical and visual damage, soot and smoke odour can harm and possibly permanently discolour furniture, walls and ceilings, not to mention the secondary effects of fire damage that is known to lead to health problems if the intoxicated air is inhaled too much or over a long duration of time.

This is why, it is so important that fire the clean-up process is started and complete as soon as it is safe to do so, minimising any further risks or damage.

Our teams, here at ICE Cleaning understand that this time is sensitive for all involved, however, you can feel assured in the knowledge that the skills and experience of our technicians are unmatched.

Our specialists offer a professional fire damage cleaning service with an agile and compassionate response. The level of cleaning we undertake solely depends on the severity of damage that was caused. Our services range from a full restoration of your property to smaller services such as soot and smoke odour damage.

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Fire clean up, why bringing in the professionals is a must

Your property may have only encountered a small fire, contained to only a part of a room perhaps just your nightstand was destroyed, however, the damage can extend much further than the human eye can see. 

In immensely hot temperatures caused by fire, porous surfaces will expand allowing all the toxins and odour floating around such as smoke and soot to settle into these surfaces.

Once temperatures begin to settle, the porous surfaces will start to close, trapping all the toxins, smoke odour and soot inside. All areas affected will start to become permanently discoloured, the longer the toxins are left to fester into the surfaces the harder and more expensive it will become to recover the interior and objects affected.

Require Fire Damage Cleaning in the London area? Visit our Fire Damage Cleaning London page.

This is a serious hidden issue in the aftermath of a fire that only a professional will know. If these areas are not identified you risk the safety of your property and your health. 

Our professional teams are experienced and equipped with the latest technologies to thoroughly search through any type of property. Identifying all hidden areas of soot or smoke damage and cleaning the affected areas.

The sooner you contact our professional fire damage cleaning team, the quicker you minimize the number of items and areas that are going to need replacing along with decreasing the long-term damage to your property.

Our approach to fire cleaning

Our specialist team completely sympathises with how difficult this time is for anyone inflicted by the damage of a fire. While there will be a lot of issues you are worried about and need to sort out, you can rest assured that the experience and skills of our technicians are unmatched. 

Fire damage cleaning isn’t a simple process and should never be taken on by anyone who isn’t trained. There are a variety of hidden dangers that are easily overlooked to the untrained eye.

Toxins, soot, ash and smoke can fester within even the smallest of places around the house, behind light switches, vents and small cracks within the walls, this can be detrimental to anyone’s health who enters the property without adequate PPE.

Safety is our number one priority

We first clear out and properly dispose of all damaged materials, reviving the property by removing both the visual and hidden damages that a fire leaves behind.

Depending on how out of control the fire became, a water removal and drying process will begin immediately. Leaving water to gather will only result in further damage complications such as mould appearing. 

Included in our fire clean up service 

  • Emergency 24/7 call-out 
  • Specialist assessment of contents
  • Structural cleaning and drying
  • Expert technicians within the specific field to carry out all work
  • A fast response, we will be onsite within 60 mins after the arranged phone call.
  • Smoke damage clean up
  • Removal of all debris, visual and hidden aspects of the damage caused

Safety First

We will not enter any property until we have the consent from the local authorities that the structural damage caused to the property is safe.  Once we have the go-ahead our technicians will thoroughly inspect the property to accurately determine the degree of fire, soot and smoke damage. This step is extremely crucial to developing a carefully actioned plan.

Industry Leading Technologies

All of our technicians use industry leading cleaning products that effectively removes the chemicals, acidic soot and the smoke damage to the property. They are trained to the highest standard, so you will feel confident you will receive the best service in the cleaning industry to clean & restore your home or property.

Working with you

We want you to feel rest assured that we work for you, our customer, even when the insurance company is covering the cost of your restoration. We want you to feel confident that our only interest is to revive and rebuild your home compassionately and respectfully. 

Contact us today for a quote or to have a chat if you are looking for advice. We cover the entire Greater London area; therefore, we are available and have the capacity for all surrounding regions. Call one of our specialist technicians now on 03335775805 for advice on the most effective car park cleaning service for you. 

*Please remember that ICE-Cleaning is not a replacement for the Emergency Services. We should only be contacted as a secondary response to them


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