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Rapid, efficient graffiti removal service

Available 24/7, on-site within 60 minutes.

Industry accredited experts ICE Cleaning are one of the leading companies within the field of graffiti removal in London & the UK

Graffiti removal London wide is a specialist service, with experienced technicians who have over 15 years within the field, we are trained to remove all and any types of graffiti paints without leaving any damage to the surface.

Graffiti is illegal to paint, text or drawings, sprayed or etched onto a surface within a public space such as walls, statutes and bridges or on people’s private property, most often with no visual pleasure, it is simply pure vandalism.

Graffiti on businesses buildings can drive away new business and customers without you even realising, customers are very observant, especially to any negative visuals such as graffiti. If the graffiti stays on the surfaces for a long duration, it can not only cause long-term damage to the material it is sitting on, but it also confirms that this specific building is not very well cared for, subsequently attracting more of this behaviour alongside other criminal and antisocial behaviours.

Why ICE Cleaning Are The Perfect Choice For Graffiti Removal

  • We offer innovative, eco-friendly and solvent-free graffiti removal.
  • Accredited technicians
  • National coverage.
  • A reliable and responsive graffiti cleaning service.
  • Complete on-site service management.
  • The personalised service is tailored to your needs.
  • Ethical Employers.
  • Satisfied customers for over 15 years.
  • Quality management and environmental quality systems recognised nationally.

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What is a professional graffiti removal service?

At ICE cleaning, we understand that not all graffiti has the same effect, for example, well-known graffiti artist Banksy, creates beautiful visuals to highlight political corruption, while this is still highly illegal it isn’t offensive, unlike the majority of graffiti that in some incidents can be wildly offensive, racists and even promote violence and hate crime. Our rapid response, technicians are available 24/7, to complete a graffiti removal service at any time. 

All of our technicians are extensively and professionally trained to remove graffiti with industry-leading chemicals that target the toxins within the graffiti spray; our techniques ensure no blemishes or unwanted marks are left on the surface.

How We Evaluate Your Graffiti

Our teams are skilled and aware of the importance of not using chemicals where possible within the preparations process, our steam system, DOFF can be used in most instances where graffiti has been sprayed.

If our team is working in an area that contains telecommunications equipment, our process has to be adapted to a more manual service, thus deferring us, causing any water damage to such sensitive equipment.

Carrying out the service manually may increase the duration our technicians are on the job; however, the safety of our employees, the public, and causing no damage to the affected area is our highest priority. 

We use carefully vetted chemicals (a COSHH statistics sheets and risk assessments will be supplied to you), and technology along with our trained group of operatives to cast off graffiti and shield the surface against future attacks.

Once we acquire your enquiry, we will ask you some questions concerning the job and take your full details. We may also additionally ask you to send us any images of the graffiti which may allow us to supply an estimate of value there and then.

Once we have collated the facts from you, any photos and the dimensions of areas to be cleaned, our professionals will assemble your quote and have it on your email within 24 hours.

With leading industry devices and hardware, we can eliminate: 

  • Adhesive stickers
  • Wax like substances 
  • Pen mark 
  • Paints 
  • Chalk

Our rapid response, experienced staff, knowledge and understanding the emergency of removal when it comes to certain types of graffiti, are the top reasons that our clients always return ICE Cleaning for this type of specialised cleaning service.

Our London based technicians are extensively trained to remove graffiti with non-toxic specialist chemicals and techniques, ensuring that no unwanted marks or blemishes remain on the surfaces whether cleaning by out equipment or manually.

ICE Cleaning provides a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to the removal of graffiti, and to revive your surfaces to their former glory.

Steam Cleaning

Our Torik system is especially useful on more delicate surfaces, using superheated water to achieve flawless results. The water is removed at a lower pressure, allowing it to heat to 150°C to completely remove unnecessary paint, another completely environmentally friendly solution.

We will avoid using chemicals to take off the Graffiti, unless absolutely necessary. Not only that, the steam clean method is non-abrasive and is unlikely to damage building or brick work, so you are less likely to have the hassle of re-pointing or fixing damaged brick.


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