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Mercury Spillage London

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Mercury is a well-known neurotoxin, and even small amounts have widespread toxicity. The hazards in mercury are known to directly attack the central nervous system and kidney system, which can cause brain and movement problems and developmental delays. If the room temperature is right, mercury is easily spread through the air, which will cause the toxins in the air to be directly inhaled into your lungs. The poison will quickly spread to other parts of the body, causing severe health complications, especially if you are exposed for a long time.

Mercury Spillage And Its Effect On Human Health

Mercury is a hazardous toxin, especially if humans are to come into direct contact with the substance. If an individual was to inhale any amount of mercury vapours, the poison could have severe effects on the body’s immune system, digestive system, kidneys, lungs, and can even be fatal.

Symptoms from mercury being inhaled can include but are not limited to:

  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Motor dysfunction
  • Neuromuscular effects and more

Benefits Of Using ICE Cleaning

There are a variety of benefits if you decide to choose us as your emergency mercury clean up service. However, if you are still in two minds, feel free to read the list below or read through the reviews from our clients. We want you to feel completely at ease knowing you have chosen the right company for your emergency clean:

Cost Efficient

Not only do we deliver the utmost highest of cleaning standards when it comes to our services, but we also guarantee to provide cost-effective bespoke pricing.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are the heart of our business. Our teams have the determination, experience and skill set to always produce outstanding results with all of our client’s needs and requirements. No matter how many challenges we face during our service, we will still overcome them with significant results.

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Mercury Spillage Procedures

A mercury spill no matter how small contributes a severe threat to human health, the surface it was spilt on and the surrounding environment if not cleaned and disposed of professionally. When it comes to our mercury spillage procedure, keeping everyone safe and out of harm’s way is our main priority.  Before we begin any type of cleaning service, there are a couple of steps we need to follow, the first being:

Evacuate The Area

The entire area where the mercury was spilt needs to be evacuated. Every person within the area will need to be 100% sure that no mercury was spilt on either their shoes, clothes or any other materials or objects on their bodies before they leave the room. Suppose the mercury has contaminated an item of clothing or object. In that case, these items need to be removed from the individual and placed into a plastic bag to prevent any form of contamination.

Decrease The Temperature

The temperature of the area where the mercury was spilt needs to be turned down to a cooler level. If the mercury is kept in a heated room, it is more likely to be turned airborne. Mercury vapours are colourless and odourless, making it very challenging to clean and disinfect the contaminated areas.

Turn Off All Air Conditioning

All central ventilation or air conditioning systems need to be turned off immediately. If the mercury has the opportunity to be turned airborne, it could quickly be circulated through the entire building instead of being contained to one area.

Close All Doors

 All doors leading to conjoining rooms need to be closed immediately to stop the opportunity of cross-contamination. We do not want airborne mercury circulating the entire building.

Once all of these steps have been taken, our technicians will be able to start the clean-up process. To get your property back to its original safe and hazardous free state.

Mercury Usage

Mercury is widely used in more than 3,000 industrial technologies. The most common equipment is:

  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • High-pressure sodium lamps
  • Speciality lamps
  • Manometers and gauges
  • Batteries
  • Lighthouses

Usually, when mercury is spilt, individuals do not know how to remove the substance without injury or how to dispose of it. As a result, a large amount of mercury ends up in the landfill. The standard form of mercury leakage is a liquid form, usually with the appearance of tiny beads, which are difficult to absorb and contain. If individuals are not educated about mercury spills, it can cause serious harm. When in contact with mercury, no matter how small the spill is, you must wear the correct PPE (personal protective equipment).

When it comes to mercury spill clean-up procedures, the main goal is to seal off the contaminated area and decontaminate it as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


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