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Mercury Spillage

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Mercury is a naturally occurring substance that can be found within the soil, air and water. It is viewed as a beautiful, fast-moving substance that is used within a variety of public utilities, such as thermometers and barometers. While the mercury is entirely safe whilst inside its container, the same cannot be said if it is spilt or its container is broken. Mercury, when spilt is a very toxic element. It can enter the body through even the smallest of wounds or by ingesting or inhaling.

Mercury Spillage Procedures

Mercury is commonly used in more than 3,000 industrial technologies and a variety of widely used objects by the public, such as:

  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • High-pressure sodium lamps
  • Speciality lamps
  • Manometers and gauges
  • Lighthouses
  • Batteries and more

The mercury inside these products does not pose any health hazards unless spilt outside of its container. Very often, when mercury is spilt, individuals do not know how to clean up and eradicate the toxins within the substance without being injured. Nor do many understand how to dispose of the substance in the correct manner. Resulting in a substantial amount of mercury ending up in landfills or down a drainpipe, which subsequently damages the environment. 

The majority of the time a mercury spill will be in a liquid form, often with a visual of small beads that can become very hard to pick up and contain. If an individual is not educated on the subject of mercury spills, they could sustain serious injuries. Correct PPE (personal protective equipment) needs to be worn if you are ever to have contact with mercury, no matter how small the spill. With a mercury spillage clean up procedure, the main goal is to section off the contaminated areas and decontaminate as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Mercury Disposal

Mercury is classed as a hazard to human health and the environment; therefore, the substance cannot be disposed of in a general waste bin. There have been several guidelines set by the Environmental Agency, to ensure that any form of a mercury spill, no matter how small is lawfully required to be disposed of at an approved waste facility centre. ICE is a certified waste carrier company that can dispose of all varieties of waste substances, including biohazards and hazardous waste such as mercury. 

ICE is an all in one company; we can contain the spilt substance, decontaminate and clean the area and appropriately dispose of all hazardous waste. There is no need for you to be calling multiple companies to get one task completed. Here at ICE, our technicians are highly trained to be able to complete every part of the job no matter how challenging.

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Know When To Call The Professionals

No matter the size of the mercury spill, you should always call in a professional mercury clean up company such as ICE cleaning. However, when a mercury spillage is more significant than one pound, which is roughly two tablespoons, you must report the situation to the proper authorities. A spill bigger than one pound is considered a dire and dangerous situation, in which only a fully licensed professional cleaning team such as ICE should deal with. 

If the mercury was spilt over porous materials such as carpets, clothing, sofas and rugs, the mercury droplets could have dispersed through the room and possibly into the venting system. It would be highly advised you call in a professional mercury spillage company as quickly as possible to minimise any damages to the property and its contents. While the mercury is airborne, everyone within the area is risking their health. The contaminated area needs to be sectioned off and evacuated immediately. 

If you are looking for a rapid response, efficient and professional mercury spillage clean up company, then look no further. ICE is on hand for all of your mercury needs. We are yet to be faced with a challenge that we have not gone above and beyond with. Give us a call on 03335775805 for a free no-obligation quote. 

While You Wait For Us To Arrive

If for any reason you happen to have spilt mercury in your property or within your workplaces, your senses kick in to tell you to clean up the substance immediately. Please do not attempt to remove this substance if you have not been trained to do so. Mercury can be very dangerous if mishandled; harmful toxins will evaporate into the air, posing a much more significant health threat to everyone within the building. Do not panic, just give ICE a call, speak to one of our support team members and we will have a team of specialists dispatched to your location. 

While you wait for us, you may feel the urge to try and clean the mercury up slightly; please don’t, we do not want you to compromise your health. As we have been in the business for over a decade, we have experienced a lot of situations regarding mercury spills. Below we have listed a variety of things that we have witnessed clients do that you should absolutely under no circumstance do when mercury is involved:

  • DO NOT pour or allow mercury to go down the drain. If this happens for any reason, please make our technicians aware, so we can put the right protocols in place to counteract the damage that could occur.
  • DO NOT place mercury into any general rubbish bin.
  • DO NOT use a hoover on any form of mercury. If you are to have hoovered the mercury, please inform our technicians as the mercury particle will now be airborne. We will have to adjust our cleaning techniques and methods. 
  • DO NOT sweep, mop or use a broom of any sort on the mercury. While it may look as though the particles are breaking up and disappearing, all that is happening is the particles are becoming airborne, which increases the risk to your health. 
  • DO NOT allow anyone who’s shoes or clothing may have been contaminated with the mercury leave the affected area. This risks the substance being cross-contaminated with other areas within the building.

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