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In this global pandemic and period of uncertainty and worry, Ice Cleaning service is on hand to offer a thorough disinfection and decontamination service. We are working closely with local authorities, places of work, schools and offices to ensure a safe and sanitized environment. Click here to learn more about our services.

Mould Removal Specialists

London’s most reliable mould removal company

ICE Cleaning is the leading Mould Remediation specialists within the UK, with over 15 years’ experience in cleaning & treating mould.

ICE Cleaning, a mould removal London wide service, with experienced technicians who have over 15 years within the field, trained to remove all and any types of mould and damp without leaving any damage to the surface. 

You can’t be complacent when it comes to mould; this destructive fungus will infect everything within your premise. Starting with your windowsills and walls and rapidly spreading to curtains, furniture, grout and even mattresses and bedding.

If the mould is not dealt with promptly, the fungus can destroy the property along with all your possessions, while creating a hazardous space for human habitation. The fungus spores can float around in the air; if inhaled, it can cause a variety of aggressive respiratory conditions, particularly in newborns, the elderly and anyone with an immunity disorder disease.

Professional Mould Removal London & UK

At ICE we have a variety of London teams who are mould and damp specialists, they have taken London by storm and created thousands of mould and damp free homes, from council flats, to tower blocks, listed buildings, offices to basements. 

Our customers are at the heart of our business, we work to the highest of standards, ensuring we are always up to date with the latest forms of technologies, products and techniques to ensure we never leave a customer unsatisfied.

Our technicians will not rest until we have eradicated every source of moisture from getting into your home. Unlike our competitors you will never be surprised by our costs: every customer will receive a free, no-obligation consultant and detailed quote with our best recommendations. 

What Causes Mould?

The primary cause of mould is excess moisture, either from damp, rain entering the building, flooding, heating and cooling ducts, water leaks, wet floors and condensation.

Mould thrives off of the moisture, so no matter how many times you wipe the spores away or paint over them, the issue will continue reappearing.

An ICE mould and damp specialist will identify where in the house the underlying mould spores are coming from to put a complete stop to the regrowth of the fungus. 

Mould can occur within any environment, whether that be indoors or outdoors, and will worsen when in humid, warm conditions that have low to no ventilation.

Black Mould

Black mould is the most toxic fungus there is, it produces small mycotoxins, which are the spores that will cause severe health problems, especially in the likes of newborn babies, elderly and anyone with an immune disease.

It takes a maximum of 2 days for the black mould to start spreading through the house via surfaces and the air, when at the right condition. Once the mould has turned into a black mould; your only option is to call in a professional mould and damp specialist to thoroughly clean and disinfect the active areas.

Health Risks Associated With Mould

Any form of short-term exposure to mould spores can have harmful effects on your health, leading to reduced lung function and chronic health problems such as asthma.

Individuals who already suffer from allergies or asthma are likely to develop severe symptoms that could lead to hospitalisation. Don’t just take our word for it; the NHS has a dedicated page to the harmful effects on your health regarding mould.

Stop risking yours and the health of your loved ones to this awful fungus. Our mould and damp specialists are available 24/7, seven days a week. Feel free to give us a call on 03335775805.

All of our technicians are trained to the highest level to ensure that our cleaning standards are like none other, but also to always have safety as our number one priority.

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Areas we service

ICE has a strong and well-known presence within London and the UK. Locations we serve in London are;

  • North London
  • South London
  • East London
  • West London
  • City of London

Our services don’t stop here; we can service anywhere within the UK and can be onsite within 60 minutes of your call.

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