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Effective Oil Spillage Clean-Up

We can be on site within 60 minutes

An oil spill can be an absolute nightmare to eradicate from any surface it is spilt on; every form of oil is considered hazardous waste. If left long enough oil can leave behind a pretty nasty stain, the longer the substance is left to fester the more challenging and expensive the job is going to become. It is essential a professional oil spillage clean up team is called within a timely manner to eradicate any and all hazards, both on the surfaces and particles that may be within the air. Not only is oil viewed as a hazardous waste substance, but it is also considered as a toxic form of pollution, recognised to affect all wildlife surroundings, including animals and plants.

Regardless of the type of oil spillage, ICE Cleaning can help. Our combination of state-of-the-art technology and professional expertise allows us to transform your site back to the safe, clean, non-hazardous state it once was. Whether you require assistance for the clean-up of a gasoline spill, a diesel spill, a hydraulic oil spill, an oil spill in water, on soil or a hard surface oil spill, we will not leave until all traces of oil have been eradicated and we have your approval that you’re 100% satisfied with the level of service received.

ICE Cleaning can also facilitate the removal of oil from contaminated waters or soil. Contaminated soil can have a major effect on the environment, limiting the growth of all plants and trees around the area. Likewise, if you’re responsible for contaminating the ocean with oil, it’s important to act fast to minimise the risk of harm coming to local marine wildlife. We offer emergency water oil contamination clean-up services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With teams situated in a variety of locations around the country, we can reach you in just 60 minutes.

Based in London? Visit our Oil Spill Clean Up London page for more information.

Hazards When Cleaning Up An Oil Spill

Safety is a top priority for us here at ICE cleaning, our technicians, customers and clients are the heart of our business. When it comes to an oil spill, our on-site specialist technicians will face an immense amount of potential hazards from elements such as:

  • Detergents
  • Dispersants
  • By-products 

Depending on the location of where the spilt oil fell, various other potential risks such as slipping and falling, drowning, and heat-related illnesses also pose severe concerns to all of our technicians.

To ensure all individuals involved in the oil spillage clean up service are safe, we make it mandatory for all of our teams to go through a thorough training course, before they are given the opportunity to be on a project such as an oil spillage clean up. Our technicians have been highly trained in the following:

  • Following instructions and have a high level of understanding of the decontamination process when an oil spill is involved.
  • Thoroughly understand the health hazards that can occur from an oil spill if proper personal protective equipment is not worn, and safety precautions are out in place.  
  • A complete briefing on the emergency procedures under the site-specific health and safety plan (Hasp).
  • A high understanding of what duties need to be performed and in what order to ensure significant effective results.
  • Knowledge to not handle any unmarked or unlabeled containers. 
  • Complete knowledge of warning labels such s NFPA 704M that can often be found on chemical containers that are being used.

When oil is spilt in any environment, whether out at sea, the shoreline, or on the pavement, toxic chemicals can cause disastrous effects to all surrounding wildlife and the environment. Our technicians have been trained to be able to adapt quickly in-case a service of cleaning up oil on the shoreline, turns into an oil spillage clean up from the ocean. Situations can change rapidly when it comes to cleaning oil from any location; therefore, you need to have a reliable oil spillage cleaning service that can adapt to all situations. 

engine oil spill at the side of a busy road Call Us Today 03335775805 Nationwide 24/7

Types Of Oil

At ICE, we are always looking for the next best way to improve our cleaning services. We encourage our technicians to better themselves and their skill set with the service they provide to ensure our results are efficient and completed in record time. When it comes to an oil spillage clean up service, our technicians have the experience to know what type of oil has been spilt depending on the location of the spillage. Therefore, we can adapt our service immediately before we arrive on site. Below we have listed the different types of oils there are that we have cleaned and the possible product is has been spilt from:

Class A Oil

Crude oil, gasoline & jet fuel

  • Highly fluid
  • Will spread extremely fast on both concrete and water surfaces
  • Very explosive with a high evaporation rate 
  • A strong odour will appear immediately once spilt
  • Toxic to human health and all types of wildlife
  • Will completely penetrate all porous materials
Class B Oil

Heating oil, low form of crude oil and Kerosene

  • Have a wax, sticky feel that can cause long term contamination issues
  • Extremely flammable
  • Less toxic than Class A oil spillage but still a hazard to human health
Class C Oil

Bunker B and C Oil & a variety of crude oils

  • Heavy and thick type of feel
  • A sticky type of film will be visible on any surface the oil is spilt on which can cause a high rate on contamination
  • Will not dilute or penetrate soil or water very quickly
Class D Oil

Commercial Heating Oil & Distillate fuels for stationary applications

  • This type of oil is considered a stable oil as the substance will harden when heated.
  • Too near impossible to completely clean up.

There are so many forms of oil that all require a different method, technique and technology to completely eradicate the substance along with the harmful toxins that are associated with the oil. Employing an oil spillage cleaning company that fully understands the type of oils that are around is imperative to complete an effective cleaning service.

Emergency Oil Spill Clean Up Service

Our experienced ICE technicians can respond to any type of oil spill no matter the location or environment. We are up for every challenge thrown our way, whether that is an oil spill that has happened:

  • Underground
  • In freshwater
  • On soil
  • In the ocean
  • Pavement or other

From a minor oil spill to a major industrial disaster, we can deal with any emergency. If you are looking for a professional and reliable emergency oil spillage clean up service, then we are the company for you. Give us a call on 03335775805 to speak to one of our fantastic support teams. We can be on-site within 60 minutes, with a plan and method in mind to tackle the situation immediately.

How quickly can you respond after an oil spill?

We can be on site within just 60 minutes of your call.

How does an oil spill damage the environment?

An oil spill is viewed as both a hazardous waste substance and a toxic form of pollution. An oil spill can also be harmful to surrounding wildlife, including animals and plants.

How toxic is an oil spill?

An oil spill can be incredibly toxic to plants, humans and animals. The liquid contains harmful toxins which can destroy living organisms.

Will any traces of oil remain after the spill remediation process?

We aim to fully eradicate all remains of oil from the site, leaving no traces behind.

Why are ICE the best option for oil spill remediation?

Here at ICE, we’ve perfected our oil spill remediation service. Our combination of the latest industry-leading equipment and professional expertise guarantees outstanding results every time.

Will the scale of the oil spill be reflected in the cost of the clean up?

Yes. In order to cover our costs, the extent of the oil spill will be reflected in the proposed cost. Call us today to receive a free no-obligation quote for your personal situation.

What size of spills do you cover?

We cover all sizes of oil spills. Naturally, some incidents may take longer for us to clean up than others.

What experience do you have in oil spill cleaning?

Our trusted technicians have over 10 years of experience of dealing with oil spills, as well as other industrial mishaps. They’ve also undergone extensive training recognised by associations such as CSCS, BICSc, IOSH and Safe Contractor.

Will the chemicals used to clean the oil cause further environmental damage?

Though our chemicals should be carefully administered, they will cause no further damage to the environment.

What is the oil spill clean-up process that you use?

Our team will begin by completing a thorough risk assessment of the area. They will then contain the oil before using a wet vacuum to extract it from the site. After this, a chemical treatment will be put down to draw out any final traces of the liquid. The wet vacuuming process may be repeated several times to ensure all remains of oil have been removed. To finish, our technicians will use the Torik system on the affected area.

How quickly should the oil spill be seen to?

The oil spill should be treated within 24 hours to avoid the oil spreading.


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