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Coronavirus/ Covid- 19 Update

In this global pandemic and period of uncertainty and worry, Ice Cleaning service is on hand to offer a thorough disinfection and decontamination service. We are working closely with local authorities, places of work, schools and offices to ensure a safe and sanitized environment. Click here to learn more about our services.

Professional And Efficient Stadium Cleaning Service

Here at ICE, we take a very flexible approach to each one of our customers to ensure the correct service solutions are met.

No matter what event is being held, whether it is a football game, pop concert or a convention, your stadium is going to be filled with thousands of customers leading to an increase in the dirt, grime and rubbish building up throughout the stadium. This type of cleaning task is a massive job for any professional cleaning company; however, with the right project manager and highly trained team members, the task can become simple.

Here at ICE, we use state of the art technologies and products which allows us to produce outstanding results no matter how massive the scale of the stadium maybe. We have specialist equipment that also allows us to finish the task at hand in rapid time, whilst still working effectively.

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Our Stadium Cleaning Process

ICE is never short of technicians, giving us the ability to provide a service that runs all day and all night without exhausting any of our teams. We can offer a 24-hour cleaning service for your event: ICE can supply a large workforce of cleaners at short notice, who can complete a wide range of tasks, from toilet attendant services, carpet cleaning, waste picking to general cleaning services. 

Below we have listed the main areas that would be our focus if we were to clean your stadium:

Sanitising Stadium Seats

Within the majority of stadium events, customers are allowed to drink and eat whilst in their seats, which leads to a lot of drinks being dropped all over the floor and chairs, creating a sticky substance that often ends up on the bottom of the customer’s shoes. Bodily fluids such as vomit, urine and sweat will be in the mixture of drink spills. This results in a variety of blood pathogens from the bodily fluids being active on surfaces where customers are sitting. This could pose a monumental health and safety risk to all customers, as blood pathogens can be extremely harmful if they enter the body.

Simply wiping down the seats with standard products is not going to eliminate any of these harmful substances from the surface, this could lead to a severe case of cross-contamination. Using the industry-leading equipment, our teams will spray down the seat with a powerful solution, that will eradicate all traces of bacteria, viruses, dirt and grime and then use a powerful vacuum to dry the surface out. 

Deep Cleaning The Toilets

The toilets for both men and women are one of the most challenging areas within a stadium clean. Thousands of customers will use the restrooms multiple times throughout the day, with the possibility of being intoxicated. Harmful toxins will thrive in areas like restrooms. A thorough deep clean must be commenced to prevent any form of bacteria growing in hard to reach areas.

Removal Of All Rubbish

While every stadium is filled with bins, many customers will leave their rubbish and food in the aisles and under their seat. Resulting in a monumental amount of waste hidden in small areas throughout the entire stadium.

Our technicians have found that the quickest way to get through a massive job like this one is to start at the top and work your way down merely, ensuring that the row you are on has been completely swept of all rubbish and sprayed down with disinfectant. You will end up at the bottom of the stadium with a considerable amount of waste, but this is a lot easier to remove then having a variety of rubbish piles all over the stadium.

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Our Stadium Cleaning Process

One project manager always runs our stadium cleaning teams; their job is to deploy the team in the most effective way around the stadium. This way, the project manager has a visual of where each one of the technicians is and what they are doing. Our ultimate job as event cleaning specialists is to prevent a virus break out, cross-contamination or hazards being present. Ensuring the area is visibly clean will deter your customers from leaving rubbish all over the place. At ICE, we offer three primary event cleaning services, starting with the preparation of the event:

Event Cleaning Preparation

Preparing a stadium knowing thousands of customers are on their way is a massive task to complete. Throughout the year’s many events have been let down by poor first impressions because of unhygienic standards. Our teams will sanitise and clean all toilet areas, function rooms and car parks, as well as picking up rubbish, to make sure your customers first impressions are all of a positive nature.

Cleaning During The Event

We have been present at events that have held up to 10,000 customers. Therefore, it is vital to be ahead of the rubbish situation that is created by the customers during the event. Ensuring that anything from cigarette buts, to alcoholic beverages, and food is cleaned up and removed as quickly as possible.

Post Event Cleaning

Post-event cleaning is mostly overlooked. Any waste, debris and spillages must be dealt with immediately after the event to stop any long-term issues such as staining to surfaces or attracting insects and rodents.

Bespoke Event Cleaning

Our ICE technicians pride themselves in providing a complete bespoke cleaning solution for your specific event. We will always listen to your needs, requirements and concerns to allow us to come up with a unique plan that will put all your worries at bay. We have a vast number of technicians; we will never be short on the workforce. Above all else, we are willing and want to work with you, our client, to ensure this is the very best event and continues to be the most enjoyable event for years to come.


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