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Leading Stone Floor Cleaning Service

ICE Cleaning is the leading stone floor cleaning specialists within the UK, with over 15 years’ experience in transforming stone floors.

Stone floors can endure a variety of conditions depending on the location; from high volumes of human traffic, changing weather conditions, tire marks, grime, grit and dirt can be carried in from outside and every day spills. The visual appearance can be left unsightly, as well as posing a health risk.

 Here at ICE Cleaning, we love to be challenged, and there is nothing we enjoy more than reviving natural stone flooring back to its original beautiful state.

Our specialist technician’s knowledge, along with years of experience in the field and industry-leading equipment, we can restore the inner beauty within your stone flooring. We carry out high-quality repairs, cleaning, refurbishment and maintenance of all-natural stones, including marble, limestone, granite, stone, slate, porcelain, concrete, terrazzo and more. 

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Professional, Specialist Stone Floor Cleaning

Every customer, situation, and type of stone flooring is unique and requires special attention regarding the cleaning service, particular cleaning products and techniques. A method that works for one kind of stone may cause significant long-term damage for another type—customising every one of our plans, procedures and solutions to fit your needs exactly. No matter whether it is a small strategy or a comprehensive effort, our specialists will sit down with you, listen to your concerns and requests and prepare a custom plan accordingly. 

Each of our systems and techniques has been tried and tested; enabling the best results for your stone flooring. For example, a cleaning product that works well on porcelain may damage a marble floor, possibly to the extent of having to get the entire area rebuilt. Natural stone flooring can be an expensive investment; whether that be in a commercial or domestic property, the surface must be treated with the most delicate and effective care. We can transform any scratched, dull stone flooring into a beautiful masterpiece that becomes the captivating focal point when visitors come into your property, or commercial premise.

After we complete our cleaning service, we always offer advice to our customers on how to prevent any damage re-occurring on their newly transformed stone flooring.  

We offer only the very best of service in our field; our customer satisfaction is always our number one top priority. 

We will work on areas such as:

  • Floors
  • Stairs
  • Walls
  • Bar tops
  • Paving
  • Patios
  • Tables
  • Paving, and more.

We carry out only the highest quality of stone floor cleaning services, including:

  • Slate 
  • Concreate
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo
Know Your Stone

Each stone surface will need a different type of cleaning method to produce significant results. Everyday household products can damage the surfaces; we have listed some of the stone we service along with the typical products that can ultimately dull their sparkle: 

  • Marble: Easily damaged by acidic spills including milk, tomato juice, wine and lemon juice
  • Granite: A naturally porous material, if liquids are spilt and left untreated, long-term damage and discolouration can occur. Serial offenders include red wine, fruit juice, berries and cooking oils. 
  • Porcelain: Out of all the stone surfaces, porcelain, like its name has the most porous surface. An acidic substance can ruin the visual appearance.
  • Travertine: With a honeycomb structure, new holes can appear at any time, if acidic substances such as coffee, wine or juice can enter the pores, permanent damage can occur
Restoring Floors To Their Best

We get it, life is busy, you are multitasking all the time, and you didn’t have time to clean up that spill of milk on the countertop. One time isn’t going to damage the stone permanently, but repeated offences will leave the stone looking dull, the sealer will wear, and the grout will become full of dirt, resulting in a permanent unclean look. 

If your stone seal has worn off, you are exposing the bare surface, increasing a greater risk of long-term damage and the probability of a restoration task instead of a specialist stone service clean. When you notice the seal becoming loose or unstuck, it is a clear indicator that it is starting to wear. You will need to call an ICE Cleaning specialist immediately to assess the situation and determine whether the stone requires a restoration process or can be saved with a professional clean. If the stone can be kept via a thorough clean and added sealant, we will discuss and recommend the most effective products for your stone surface to make sure the sealant doesn’t wear within the near future. If the stone has reached the stage where the seal has worn, and the bare surface has been exposed for a long duration, nothing a specialist cleaning service will do will bring it back to life. 

Our technicians have expert knowledge, we have the latest industry-leading technology readily available, allowing us to work efficiently on even the most fragile of surfaces without causing any further damage. Call us now and let us revive your stone surfaces to their natural glory.

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