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In this global pandemic and period of uncertainty and worry, Ice Cleaning service is on hand to offer a thorough disinfection and decontamination service. We are working closely with local authorities, places of work, schools and offices to ensure a safe and sanitized environment. Click here to learn more about our services.

Professional Undiscovered Death Cleaning

Specialist Decontamination & Deep Cleaning Team

Industry accredited experts ICE Cleaning are one of the leading companies in the field of biohazard cleaning in the UK.

Though unpleasant, there are cases where a death remains unknown for a period of time before being dealt with. Often it is only through complaints from neighbours of an unusual odour coming from the property that the scene is discovered, by which time a number of hazards will have surfaced.

From foul odours to large numbers of pests, there are various issues that must be dealt with. Luckily, ICE Cleaning are here to help. We offer undiscovered death cleaning services to customers across the UK.

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  • All technicians hold professional health and safety qualifications, including BICSc, IOSH, NACSC & Safe Contractor

Professional Accreditations

In order to manage these potential hazards, our technicians have been fully trained to deal with all health and safety precautions in a professional manner.

All employees we send on site hold a wide range of industry accreditations, including:

A disinfection during an unattended death clean Call Us Today 03335775805 Nationwide 24/7

Hazards Involved

As previously mentioned, there are a high number of risks associated with the clean-up process.

  1. Bloodborne pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens pose a threat to anyone who comes into contact with them. If not handled correctly, you run the risk of contracting a serious disease, such as Hepatitis or HIV.

  1. Biohazards

As well as bloodborne pathogens, there are various other biohazards to be aware of. Bacteria found in blood and other bodily fluids can remain active outside the human body for days or even weeks.

  1. Insects & pests

According to Forensic Entomologist Michelle Gamber, the most common bugs associated with death are beetles and flies. Insects are usually the first to arrive at a death scene and allow investigators to predict how long the body has been rotting for. Professional assistance will be required to completely eradicate pests from the property.

  1. Foul odours

Though you may not treat odours with the same level of concern as biohazards, bloodborne pathogens or insects, they can be just as difficult to eliminate. ICE Cleaning use specialist equipment to treat the contaminated areas and neutralise any odours.


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