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In this global pandemic and period of uncertainty and worry, Ice Cleaning service is on hand to offer a thorough disinfection and decontamination service. We are working closely with local authorities, places of work, schools and offices to ensure a safe and sanitized environment. Click here to learn more about our services.

Water Extraction Service

Specialist Water Extraction Team, Nationwide 24/7

Industry accredited experts ICE Cleaning are one of the leading companies within the field of water extraction among the UK

The damage caused by flooding can be devastating. Whether the flood has taken place in your home or in your work office, the physical and emotional aftermath should not be underestimated. Whilst the permanent impact depends on the severity of the flood, it’s important to recognise that the removal of water is usually not the only process required.

Knowing what to do in this situation is crucial as the matter must be dealt with promptly and effectively. Flooding can easily destroy the construction of a property in just a matter of hours, regardless of the type of water or building.

Luckily, our ICE technicians are fully qualified and on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide a fast yet thorough water extraction service and restore your property back to its original state. Our water extraction process involves carefully draining the water and then decontaminating the rooms affected by seizing poisonous airborne particles and releasing clean air particles into the atmosphere. Give our support team a call on 03335775805 to find out more. As a nationwide company, we are able to reach our clients in just 60 minutes.

Why You Should Choose ICE

  • Offer a bespoke service that is designed to suit all your requirements and needs
  • Able to restore your property back to its original condition
  • All technicians hold professional health and safety qualifications, including BICSc, IOSH, Safe Contractor & Dewpoint Professional
  • We can be on-site within 60 minutes of your call
  • Over 10 years’ experience
  • Professional emergency water extraction service

Professional Accreditations

Quality is important to us, which is why we ensure that all of our workers hold professional cleaning accreditations. These include:

A flooded office in need of a water extraction service Call Us Today 03335775805 Nationwide 24/7

Our Water Extraction Process

Prior to carrying out any work on-site, a number of health and safety precautions will be reviewed, including a risk assessment and detailed inspection. This inspection will allow our team to determine the moisture levels within the property, as well as the extent to which the moisture has migrated.

Using state of the art technology, our technicians will then begin the water extraction process. The first step is to remove any hard or soft furnishings out of the property, for either disposal or protection – depending on the situation. Next, our team will use a range of pumps to drain the water. The required drying speed will decide which drying equipment is suitable for the job, and this will be installed accordingly.

Upon completion, you will be given a certificate to confirm that the service was carried out by a professional team of trained water extraction technicians. This will also serve as your guarantee should anything happen in the near future whereby you require our assistance once again.

The Importance Of Professional Water Extraction Services

You may be thinking about trying to remove the water yourself, or may have even already attempted it, but let us assure you that this is not the way forward. Attempting to fix the matter ‘DIY style’ could result in the water spreading even further into the materials, meaning you’ll pay a higher fee for an issue that could have easily been helped. Not only this, if you try to extract the water yourself and think you’ve succeeded when in fact you haven’t, you may be living or working in a property full of health dangers. If the site is not cleaned professionally, it can result in further damage to the construction of the household and lead to mould. ICE Cleaning also offer a professional mould remediation service should your property reach that point.

Our team of specialists have been fully trained in the sector and will be able to not only effectively evacuate all traces of moisture, but also identify the root cause of the problem to stop it from reoccurring. Our experienced technicians have had years of experience, so they’ll instantly be able to recognise the best solution for your situation.

Industry Leading Technology

Our professionals use only the latest industry-leading technology to carry out the process, such as the HEPA Air Scrubber. The HEPA Air Scrubber is a portable filtration system that works by seizing contaminated airborne particles to improve the quality of the air. The team may also bring with them a wet vacuum, pumps, drying equipment and a range of cleaning chemicals. We can provide a detailed list of any chemicals used if necessary upon request.

Similar Services Which May Be Of Interest

If the site is not cleaned professionally, it can result in further damage to the construction of the household and lead to mould. ICE Cleaning also offer a professional mould remediation service should your property reach that point.

Some other services we provide include:

Emergency Water Extraction Service

Floods are completely unpredictable, meaning that they could happen at any given moment without a single warning or time to prepare. Floods can be caused by a range of factors, from natural events to broken pipes.

If the worst should happen, and you find yourself paddling in your own home, you should call for a professional water extraction team immediately. Here at ICE Cleaning, we have specialised technicians ready and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can even reach your location in under 60 minutes in an emergency!

Should you need it, we are also able to communicate directly with other businesses – such as insurance companies, surveyors and engineers. It can be stressful trying to determine or prove which party is at fault, so we have a number of professional structural tests available to solidify any physical evidence. For example, with your permission, we would be happy to contact your loss adjuster to provide any relevant evidence for a claim.


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